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The low profile ER-600 is an economically priced, high performance point-of-sale workstation. The entire module is roughly the same size as an average PC keyboard - relieving valuable space needed in any business environment. The bright, adjustable, multi-line operating screen cuts training time, increases customer throughput, and reduces errors. The flexible ER-600 is the perfect solution for food service concessions and quick service kiosks. It's ideal for any small retail establishment, such as liquor, tobacco, coffee and small grocery.

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SAM4S ER-600 Terminal

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Become a Dealer:
Click here to view the Dealer Application (14 kb) in Acrobat Reader.
Print it - Fill it out - and Fax it to 612/781-9418

Your ER-600 system can be configured with a variety of hardware options, including your choice of: requisition receipt, slip, and/or kitchen printers, scanners, customer display, coin dispensers and scales. A second 49-key module can be added to the standard 49-key keyboard.

  • Small, Space Saving, All-in-One Keyboard and Display Module
  • Easty to Read and Adjustable Multi-Line Backlit Operator Screen
  • 4 RS-232C and Standard IRC Ports Allow Numerous Point-of-Sale Options
  • Built-In Software With Memory For Demanding Applications
  • A Distributed POS Solution That Grows With Your Business

Click here to view the ER-600 Brochure in Acrobat Reader (100 kb). Right click on the link to save the brochure onto your hard drive.


Right click on ER-600 Series Slide Show (13,670 KB) and save it to your hard drive to view in Microsoft Powerpoint

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For information about purchasing the ER-600 click here.

SAM600i Polling and Inventory Software

SAMi ScreenWith easy to use Windows based SAMi Series software from CRS, you can poll your Samsung or SAM4s electronic cash register and automatically update your inventory records. SAMi provides convenient PLU file management at your personal computer, packaged with basic inventory control features and reports.

Polling Features

  • Connect directly via RS-232C or telephone modems.
  • Poll reports from the register, save, display or print them at the PC.
  • Poll all stores, or individual stores from a single licensed PC.
  • Poll unattended at a predetermined time.
  • Customize your polling session by defining the reports you wish to poll.
  • SAM Inventory converts polled reports to ASCII files, ready to be used by other PC applications.

Inventory Features

  • Inventory Maintenance function allows stock addition, transfers in/out and promo/waste tracking.
  • Inventory levels can be adjusted by item, by shelf, or by vendor.
  • By shelf and by vendor inventory adjustment functions allow orders to be entered, printed and suspended. Suspended orders can be recalled, adjusted if necessary and sent into inventory when the product is received.
  • Vendor Information Maintenance records basic vendor data.
  • Calculates margin of profit percentage, quantity on hand, average unit cost and total cost on hand for each item.
  • Prints barcode labels.
  • Records purchase history and sales history for each item.

    Click here to view the SAMi Brochure in Acrobat Reader (77 kb). Right click on the link to save the brochure onto your hard drive.

Options Click on selected icons below for more information:

PCCash Drawer LinkPrinter LinkSlip PrnterCoin Dispenser LinkPole Display LinkKitchen VideoVideo SurveillanceScanner LinkLiquor DispenserIntegrated Payment LinkMCR Option

CD-ROMPolling Software
Part No.
PC Cables
522038 DB9M - DB25F
522032 RJ45 - DB9F
522036 RJ45 - DB25F
Modem Cable
DB9M - DB25M
522031 RJ45 - DB-25M

ICD-2002 Pole DisplayICD-2002 Pole Display
Part No.
110000 - 11mm
110001 - 9mm
Cable Part No.
522063 RJ45 - DB9M

Model 83 Cash DrawerCash Drawers
61 Upgrade
Part No.
Model 80 Cash Drawer
160081 Model 81 Cash Drawer
160083 Model 83 Cash Drawer
160088 Model 88 Cash Drawer
522002 Under Counter Mounting Bracket (Set of 4)

Transact T2+ Coin DispenserTelequip T-Flex Coin Dispenser
Part No.
130103 Coin Dispenser (Cable Included)
130101 Extra Canister
130102 Extra Cup (Left Side)
130108 Extra Cup (Right Side)

SAM4s Ellix 20 PrinterPrinters
ER-600 ECRs connect via serial interface to many popular POS printers, including SAM4s Ellix Series Printers and Samsung/Bixolon SRP-270 Series, 275 Series, 350, 370 Series, 500 and STP-102/103 Printers.

Printer Serial Cable
Part No.
SRP / Ellix 20 - DB9M -DB25M
522115 SRP / Ellix 20 - RJ45 -DB25M
522111 Ellix 10 - DB9M -DB9M
522112 Ellix 10 - RJ45 -DB9M
522091 STP-102/STP-103 - DB9M - DB-25M
522093 STP-102/STP-103 - RJ45 - DB-25M

Paper RollsIntegrated Payment
DataTran 162SL w/Card Reader
DataTran 162SL
DataTran 162ML
DemoTran Demo Kit
(Cable Included RJ45 - MD8)

ICD-2002 Pole DisplayScanner
Part No.
110150-S MS-9520
110147-S MS-9540
(Cable Included)

M-Pad / 600
Bump Bar Controller System

Part No.
202982 RAM Chip (Add up to 3)
522067 IRC Cable (5 Feet)
522053 IRC Cable (25 Feet)
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