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Commercial Grade Electronic Cash Registers

SAM4s ECRs are value-packed bundles ideally suited for a broad range of small to medium merchants. For one low price you get all the point-of-sale components your business needs, including processor, keyboard, printers, cash drawer, operator display, customer display, back-up disk and embedded application software.

Purpose-built SAM4s cash registers provide traditional key security, are not affected by viruses, boot up quickly, and are extremely stable. Most SAM4s ECRs feature communication ports that support popular point-of-sale peripherals.

SPS-2000 SPS-520 Series Hybrid ECR ER-900 Series ECR ER-285M




System Terminals Mid-Range ECR Solutions Low-Cost ECR Solutions

SPS-2000 Touch Screen Terminal

SPS-300 Series ECRs

ER-5115-II | ER-390M | ER-380 |

SPS-500 Series Hybrid ECRs

ER-900 Series ECRs

ER-350-II | ER-285M | ER-265 |
  ER-5200M Series ECRs ER-180 / ER-180T
  ER-5215M ECRs  
SAM4s Electonic Cash Register Quick Reference Guide
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