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SAM4s SER-7000 Series System ECR

SAM4s SER-7000 / SER-7040 System ECRs

All-in-one design packed with system features. Built-in software for quick service, table service and retail applications.

SER-7000: Flat, Spill-Resistant Keyboard

SER-7040: Raised Key Keyboard

SER-7000 Series Brochures
SER-7000 / SER-7040: SAM Inventory / Polling: E-PAD Kitchen Video:   SAM4s

SAM4s SER-7040 Brochure

SAM Polling/Inventory Brochure

E-PAD Brochure


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CD-ROMPolling Software
Item No.
PC Cables
RJ45 - DB9F
522126 DB9M - DB9F
Modem Cable
RJ45 - DB-25M
250057 DB9F - DB25M
522034 DB9M - DB25M

ICD-2002 Pole DisplayICD-2002 Pole Display
Item No.
110000 - 11mm
110001 - 9mm
Cable Item No.
522063 RJ45 - DB9M

Model 41 Cash DrawerCash Drawers
Item No.
Model 55 Cash Drawer
160031 Model 31 Cash Drawer Upgrade (Shown)

POS 7" Graphic DisplayPOS GD7 Graphic Display
Item No.
110030 RJ45 Cable Included
522133 RJ45 to DB9M Adapter

Model 55 Insert TrayInsert Trays
Item No.
Standard 5 Bill, 5 Coin (Shown)
100157 Optional 4 Bill, 8 Coin
100218 Model 31 5 Bill, 5 Coin

Transact T2+ Coin DispenserTelequip T-Flex Coin Dispenser
Item No.
130121 Coin Dispenser (Cable Included)
130114 Extra Canister

SAM4s Ellix 20 PrinterPrinters
SER-7040 ECRs connect via serial interface to many popular POS printers, including SAM4s Ellix 20 thermal receipt printers and SNBC BTP-M280 impact receipt printers.

Printer Serial Cable
Item No.
SRP / Ellix 20 - DB9M -DB25M
522122 Ellix 10 - DB9F* -DB9M
132200 BTP-M280 - DB9M - DB-25M

SNBC Printers Includes the Cable

* DB9F Connectors Require Gender Changer:
202968 M/M

Integrated PaymentIntegrated Payment
The SER-7040 is compatible with the latest Datacap System Tran Series electronic payment processing appliances, as well as legacy Datacap System Appliances.

CRS recommends processing programs from Mercury Payment Systems and Sterling Payment Technologies. Both Mercury and Sterling provide subsidized Datacap Auto-Load or No-Load Tran Series products that feature streamlined installation and support.

LM048SPA2 Cable EliminatorBluetooth Wireless LM048
Wireless RS-232 replaces cables where wiring is impractical and expensive.
Item No.
100 Meter Range

Includes 2 Adapters, 2 9-Pin DB-9F Adapters, 1 25-Pin Adapter, 2 Power Supplies, 2 Mini USB Power Cables

CAS PD-II-60LB Interface ScaleInterface Scales
Item No.
150100 CAS PD-II-60LB (Shown)
Cable DB9F - DB25M

522060 Cable RJ45 - DB25M

150115 CAS SW-10RS
522141 Cable DB9F - DB9M
522139 Cable RJ45 - DB9M

ICD-2002 Pole DisplayScanners
Item No.
110150-S MS-9520
110147-S MS-9540
(Cable Included)

Paper Rolls58mm Thermal Paper Roll
Item No.
- 2-1/4" x 2" x 80'
800412 - 2-1/4" x 2-1/2" x 150'

Item No.
202982 RAM Chip (Add up to 4)
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