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Apply For CRS CreditThis page is the launching point for the CRS Product Showroom tour. The tabs above categorizes the cash registers, system terminals and peripheral devices. Inside each category you'll find a list of products by product name and model number. Click on the specific product name to get information about that model. Each specific model page has a link to view that model's brochure in Acrobat Reader.

CRS sells primarily to a dealer network throughout North America.
We also sell directly to end-users in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

POS Peripheral ProductsTouch Screen Terminals

SAM4s SPT-4700 | SPT-4500 | SPT-3000 | Diamond Series IT-5000


SAM4s Dealer Line ECRSystem Solutions

SAM4s SPS-2000 Touch Screen ECR | SPS-500 Series Hybrid ECRs


ECR SolutionsECR Solutions

SAM4s SPS-300 Series ECRs | ER-900 Series ECRs | ER-5200M Series ECRs | ER-5215M ECR


SAM4s Open Line ECRLow Cost Solutions

SAM4s ER-5115-II | ER-390M |ER-380 | ER-350-II | ER-285M | ER-265 | ER-180 / ER-180T


SNBC BTP-2002NP Thermal Receipt PrintersPOS Printers

SAM4s Ellix 40 | Ellix 30 | SNBC BTP-R880NP Thermal | BTP-R580-II Front-Exit Thermal | BTP-M280 Series Impact | BTP-L580 Thermal Label Printer | BK-L216-II Thermal Kiosk | BK-T080 Thermal Kisk | BK-T080-II Thermal Kiosk | BT-T080 Thermal Printer Mechanism Kit | Samsung/Bixolon SRP-500 Color Inkjet | SRP-370 Thermal | SRP-350plus Thermal | SRP-350 Thermal | SRP-275 Impact | SRP-770-II Thermal Label | STP-103 Mini Thermal | SPP-R200 Mobile Receipt

Peripheral Products

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