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SAM4POS for Android
SAM4POS for Android

The SAM4POS application may easily be configured for your food, beverage, or retail business and provides the functions and options you need to meet your point of service needs.


Exceptional POS Capability
Using robust integrated SAM4POS software, your authorized SAM4s dealer can customize the application to meet your specific needs by choosing from an array of features available for food and retail operators.


• Casual Dining • Family Style Restaurants • Bar/Restaurants • Quick Service Restaurants • Sandwich • Bakery • Pizza • Coffee • Taco • Hamburger • Ice Cream and Yogurt • Deli’s • Specialty Foods • Specialty Gourmet • Concessions • Liquor Stores • Beer/Wine • Gift Shops • Thrift Stores • Grocery • Pharmacy • Tobacco • Vape • Convenience Stores


Ensure Speed, Security and Efficiency with Semi-Integrated Credit, Debit and Gift Card Payments
Out of scope electronic payment sales can be processed in a single step at the SAM4POS terminal by using an optional Datacap™ integrated payment appliance.

• SAM4POS is electronic payment and gift card processing ready.
• EMV Transactions can be processed quickly using the latest Datacap IPTran-LTTM or PDC/TranServerTM technology with select PIN Pads and a persistent internet connection.


Supports Popular POS Peripherals and System Options
Each SAM4POS Terminal can support popular system devices including cash drawer, kitchen printer, coin dispenser, scale, pole display, kitchen video, video surveillance, UPC scanner, liquor dispenser and Datacap Tran™ semi-integrated credit.


Tabby for Windows
Tabby for Windows

Tabby provides a contemporary platform that is easy to use and maintain, but without the budget strains and complexity of a full-scale POS system.   With minimal assistance, merchants can setup their own store database; establish and maintain items, prices, departments, groups and other options.  Operation is intuitive; tablet-savvy operators are productive after just minutes of instruction.  


What is Tabby?

Tabby is a WEB Server available in a compact local standalone device. To enable wireless mobility, simply connect Tabby to a wireless router. Tabby runs on any broswer capable device regardless of operating system, including PCs, mobile devices or tablets. Use Tabby to register sales, print receipts, and record payments. Tabby Back Office provides store managment tools, database maintenance, stock entry, and managment reports. 


Tabby Advantages

  • Tabby does not rely on tablet or device resources
  • No application to install - adding or replacing a tablet, mobile device or workstation can be done "out of the box". Simply open your browser and enter Tabby's IP address.
  • Remote management is inherently ready. 
  • No internet is required, but an internet connection may be desired for electronic payment processing, emailed reports, or remote access.


SAM Series Polling and Inventory Software
SAM Series Polling and Inventory Software


With easy to use Windows based SAM Series Polling and Inventory software from CRS, you can poll your SAM4s Electronic Cash Register and automatically update your inventory records. SAM Software provides convenient PLU file management at your personal computer, packaged with basic inventory control features and reports


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