Pole Display Sam4s Serial


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Pole Display Sam4s Serial

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Pole Display Sam4s Serial
  • Pole Display Sam4s Serial


Product information

Build a strong relationship with your customer by clearly displaying each item as it is registered into your electronic cash register or point of sale system.  Customers can easily monitor the transaction as it is entered, clearly viewing the price of each item.  The SAM4s display provides two lines, so that both the price and the description of the item are displayed simultaneously.  With each transaction closely monitored by the customer, the opportunity for employee theft and fraud is limited.  The SAM4s display is connected by a standard serial interface and is compatible with most systems.

  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display 2 Lines of 20 Columns
  • Adjustable Display Panel For Best Viewing Angle 
  • Adjustable Height and Rotation
  • Supports All Popular Emulations
  • Appropriate Interface Cable Included


Product Brochure

RSPA USA Award RSPA Canada award 2023 VAE