New Hisense HS710 Self Checkout System

August 29, 2019

The Hisense HS710 Self Checkout System serves as the framework for a full self-service one-stop shopping solution. Shoppers will enjoy the convenience, speed and simplicity of checking-out by themselves while retailers benefit with improved labor efficiency, reduced customer queues, increased transaction velocity and increased profits. The HS710 is fully featured in a traditional large grocery form factor with currency and coin recycling options. 


- Intuitive design – easy to use, fast and convenient.
- Large printer paper roll minimizes downtime for paper changes.
- Safe and reliable cash or electronic payment processing.
- Coin and currency recycling options.
- 15" high-definition LCD screen with projected capacitive touch (PCT).
- Modular design – easy to customize and install.
- Equipped with an advanced electronic validation scale.
- SDK available.


Product Brochure


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